Green valley of peace and relaxed vacation between the sea and woody mountains.
vinodolVicinity of the sea and woods is what makes Vinodol the ideal holiday destination. You can find accommodation in comfortable family houses, autochthonously arranged rural facilities, in a climbers’ lodging or a cosy boarding house. In addition to dishes typically served in Vinodol, game specialties and dishes made of self-grown plants, you can try out genuine home-made dram – wine manufactured in Vinodol. You can have an active vacation and enjoy mountain-cycling, hiking and walking, riding, paragliding and hang-gliding, recreational fishing and hunting. Get to know the diversity of cultural-historical sights of Vinodol and attend any of the concerts in the «Vinodol’s Summer Evenings» program, the «Rose of Vinodol» pageant or a masquerade which takes place in winter.

In the mountain areas of Vinodol, refreshment from summer heat is found in pictoresque inns which, in addition to local specialties, also offer a vegetarian menu. You can find accommodation in several weekend cottages and in the climbers’ lodging. More and more visitors come here to enjoy their winter holidays and spend time sleighing and strolling. Another motive for visiting Vinodol and the woodland area is the experience of ecologically preserved nature.

Fair, dry and hot summer and cloudy, rainy and rather mild winter with distinctive winds are characteristic of Vinodol. Mean annual temperature is 14°C. Although the woodland area is not far away from the sea, it is located in the region of a true mountain climate of Gorski kotar which is marked by short warm summers with cool nights and long cold winters with lots of snow.

This town is situated at the foot of the ruins of the Frankopans' castle and of the craggy cliffs of “Griže”, after which it
was named. The old castle was damaged in a strong earthquake in 1323. Round towers were completed in the 15th century, and today you can only see the remnants of the once famous castle. The castle of Grižane had an irregular, rectangular shape with round towers, and this irregularity was caused by the peculiar configuration of the ground. Prince Martin kept court here; he was the founder of the port called Crikvenica, which is situated in the coastland.

Gradina - The remains of the walls of an old castle Grižane remind us on the famous history. The castle had a figure of an incorrect square with the round towers on the edges. It was the center of feudal administration under Frankopan's properties in Vinodol. The castle was demaged in 1323 when Vinodol was hit by the earthquake.

Badanj - The remains of an middle-aged tower that was built-up on the remains of the roman's fort from 4th century in the time of the anchorage of the Liburnia's limit.

The church of the Marija from the snow - middle-aged church from 16th century that was built-up on the base of some older church.

The church of the saint Martin - the local church of St. Martin with middle-age origin, what proves a part of the left church's inventory and glagoljica's labels about the church reconstructions in 16th and 17th century.






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